Different Types of Indian Salwar Kameez

India is a country where women love to wear traditional wear. They look lively and graceful in those dresses. Salwar kameez is one of the amazing outfits that women love to wear for every occasion. Be it an office event, a gathering, or a festival. Salwar Kameez will give its own charm to the wearer and enhance beauty. If you are searching for quality salwar kameez, then go to http://hatkay.com/collections/salwar-kameez. You can find the best salwars at a reasonable price. So, if you want to shop, go to http://hatkay.com/.

What you need to know about the Salwar Kameez

A salwar kameez is usually a dress, which is divided into 3 parts. So, if you see the first part is Kurti. The second part is the pyjama. You will wear this under the kurta. The third part is the dupatta. Nowadays, modern designers are designing these dresses in many ways to add beauty to the one who wears it.

Types of Indian salwar kameez

Short kurta

The short kurta is one of the trendiest styles worn by many. It is very much suitable if you are thin. If you are a bit chubby, you need to select your style of salwar kameez carefully. So, to have varied options, go to Hatkay.com. You will have an incredible collection for a low cost.

Anarkali style

Anarkali style salwar kameez gives a royal look. This is extremely popular at any point of time, and this is definitely not going out of style. This is a popular piece of dress right from the Mughal period.

Churidar kurta

The Churidar kurta is an extravagant style of salwar kameez. It’s renowned among people of all age groups. Middle-aged women love to wear these, especially when they want to wear ethnic style dresses. You can wear this for parties, festivals, events, office gathering, and more. They come in diverse styles like plain, embroidery, printed, etc.

The Indo western style

This type of salwar kameez is taken inspiration from western dresses. It has a blend of both Indo-Western formats to make it even more stylish and give a fantastic look to the wearer. When you have well-fitting leggings, Kurti and tailored to perfection, you are all set to rock any occasion.

These are some of the types of salwar kameez. Salwar kameez can also be designed in several styles. The styles and trends change from one region to the other region. You can also purchase as a ready-made dress or you can get it stitched with the help of a tailor as per your needs. By mixing and matching various styles, many women are wearing trendy salwar kameez with various design formats.


This elegant dress is no doubt the best choice for women of all ages. Whatever be the occasion, you can flaunt your beauty with a salwar kameez. Hatkay.com is one of the most amazing ethnic shopping portals where you can find a range of dresses and sarees at a low cost. Now rock your every occasion with a salwar kameez.

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